Is being myself unprofessional?

Which Christian would disagree with absolute honesty? Honesty is the best policy, right?

Right. But it’s more complicated than that.

I found this out the other night when my wife asked me if she’d put on weight during her second pregnancy.

I was honest. I said what I thought. But clearly it’s not as simple as that.

‘Being myself’

My absolute honesty hit a brick wall when I started work. Here it was quite normal to have a different life at work to outside of work.

Some would almost be different people. But, for me, you probably wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference between when I was in the staff room or at the pub. I was completely myself.

This sounds like a good thing. But was it really?


We can fall off our horse both sides.

An exposed politician will often say something like, ‘what happens in my private life is irrelevant to my professional duties.’


Your character has been exposed. And your character affects your work.

Or you may feel that a professional version of yourself will fire you up the career ladder. So you won’t crack a smile or make friends at work.

But by doing this, you’re neither displaying the compassionate God of the gospel, or able to talk about him.


However, by being completely myself I haven’t always represented my employer’s values well. And this is what they pay me for.

I’m prone to being too mate-y with my superiors. And when I fail to honour them, I fail to honour Christ (Colossians 2:22-25).

So we need to get rid of our professional mask which we think will help us advance. But we also need to make sure we embrace an honesty that won’t compromise what we’re at work to do.