Is God at work in the UK?

There’s something odd about being a Christian in the UK.

We have some of the greatest freedoms in the world, but things often feel hopeless.

Religious freedoms are threatened by anti-extremism laws. Parents can’t decide what their children are taught on sensitive issues. People face backlash when they talk about Jesus at work. 

Our global God

But when things feel hopeless here, think about what God’s doing out there

He’s a global God. Since the first book of the Bible, he’s promised to gather a people from across the earth (Genesis 12:3).

And when God makes a promise, you can bet your last Rolo - it’s going to happen.  


Take Iran.

In 1979, a revolution in Iran brought in a hardline Islamic regime that tried to get rid of anything ‘Western’. Missionaries were kicked out. Bibles were banned. Church leaders were killed.

Many feared the Iranian church would wither and die. 

But look at her now. 

Since the revolution, more Iranians have become Christians than in the previous 1300 years. At the time of the revolution there were perhaps 500 Iranian Christians. Today, there are 800,000. 

And some think that number is too low. 

In fact, Iran has the fastest growing church in the world. The second is Afghanistan next door. And that’s probably because Iranians are sharing the gospel with Afghans. 

A peculiar pattern

God is doing amazing things in Iran.

And following Jesus there isn’t easy. It's really not. It’s the 10th hardest place in the world to be a Christian.

But that makes Iran even more amazing, doesn’t it? Iranian Christians are bravely telling others about Jesus. And through that, God’s growing his church. 

But in his great story for his world this isn’t unusual. God’s often worked most powerfully where his people are most persecuted.

So as clouds gather on the UK horizon, be encouraged. God’s at work here as he is there.