Is God enough for you?


We depend on so many things.

Friendships, family, jobs, people’s opinions, money – we might not voice it out loud, but so often we rely on them for a good life.

Not having them can be dissatisfying, sad, and painful: If I get married things will be better. As soon as I get that job I’ll be happy…

Having them can mean anxiously trying to keep them: people are going to realise I’m not as great as I seem…

We can accidentally end up living for ourselves in this sad and exhausting cycle, sometimes for years.

Imperfect support

But those earthly things aren’t meant to be the scaffolding that props up our lives.

We lean on a bunch of friends or a good job looking for them to support us…

…and the relationships crack, or the money runs out. The support’s taken away. And in a terrifying moment of pain and disappointment, we crumble:

‘The sorrows of those who run after another god shall multiply.’ Psalm 16:4

The perfect support

The feeling that we need to depend on something isn’t an accident; it’s not something to squash. God designed us this way – but that ‘thing’ was supposed to be himself (Proverbs 3:5).

God himself is enough. Trusting that is the secret to a good life (Philippians 3:8), because unlike money or holidays or kids, he’ll never run out, reject or avoid us.

Give God your heart and your happiness won’t be defined by having lots of things – you’ll be free from that sad and exhausting treadmill, free to enjoy life and live for something more.

And when dissatisfaction comes, use it to check that you really are depending on God most (Isaiah 29:13).

Because in Jesus, it really is possible to say along with the psalmist: ‘Whom have I in heaven but you? And on earth I desire no one besides you.’ (Psalm 73:26)