Is this it? – Rachel Jones

Rachel Jones starts her new book with a bit of self-examination. The first chapter is called 31 Reasons You Might Need This Book. Here's Reason #1:

‘You frequently find yourself asking: “What should I do with my life?”’

Self-examination complete. I was sold.

The Golden Years?

Rachel addresses the be-who-you-want-to-be generation – that's us in our twenties and thirties who were promised so much but who often feel let down.

Rachel calls it a ‘quarter-life crisis.’

Enduring endless house-shares and unrewarding work is so much harder while watching everyone else’s perfect life on Instagram. So we’re often left asking: Is this it?

Which happens to be the name of the book.

Something Better

Rachel speaks to the millennial heart on everything from boredom to singleness, doubt to ageing.

She faithfully presents the Bible’s promise of something better than whatever we wanted to have by now. She holds out the hope of becoming more like Jesus.

And if you think that sounds cliché or boring, you need to read the book.

Rachel ‘is married to no one, has zero kids and frequently questions where her life is going.’ And yet the joy she's found in Jesus is infectious. It draws us to him.

Oh and by the way…

But there’s another reason you should read this book. You’ll actually enjoy reading it. It’s not just going to make you grow; it’s going to make you laugh.

Rachel’s funny. She doesn’t take herself seriously. While this might seem incidental, it isn’t. She’s living out the point of the book.

Having the hope of heaven frees us from taking our earthly lives too seriously. We can just get on with serving God. And this is the best medicine for disappointment.

Serving God without thinking much of ourselves gives our lives a purpose that can begin in our twenties and will last into eternity.

Genre: Christian Living | Difficulty: Easy