Jesus starts storms too

Our holiday had begun. The car was packed with Aldi bags. The toddler was packed with car snacks. And we’d made it so far as Weymouth.

“Still twenty-five minutes to go?” I asked the Sat Nav, eyebrows raised. “There must be traffic.”

We were on our way to Portland for some refuge after the storms that had recently hit our life. But we hadn’t caught wind of what the Weymouth commuters clearly had.  

Another storm was brewing.  

Outside and In

When we arrived at our cottage, we watched waves batter Chesil Beach. The swell fell over rocks like tonic on ice. The wind tore at trees. Surprisingly, my son didn’t seem fussed.


He was enjoying his newfound ability to pronounce the word, holding out one of his favourite books – ‘The Storm That Stopped.

“Prophetic,” I thought. I picked him up by the window. “Jesus calms the storms in your life” - I remembered hearing the Sunday-school promise when I was his age.

But as the storm raged outside our windows, and inside our hearts, I knew that Jesus doesn’t just calm storms – he starts them too (Ecclesiastes 7:14).

And I wanted Josiah to know and love this true and better Jesus.

Stop Start

When Jesus stopped the storm, he wasn’t promising to calm the storms in our lives. He was showing that the storm starts and stops at his mighty word.

His lesson wasn’t about what he does. It was about who he is.

He is God - the God who holds the waves in his hands and the winds in his mouth (Mark 4:39). The one who holds our pain in his hands and its eternal healing in his mouth (Mark 2:11).

“Jesus is God,” I said to Josiah. “He is in control of this storm and every storm. He is good. So we don’t need to be afraid” (Mark 4:40).