Just like Dad

I spend most of my time with my son.

You’ll find us hanging out in just about any of the day’s twenty-four hours – with varying levels of patience on my part, depending on the hour.

At only 15 months old, the closeness of our relationship can be seen all over who Benjamin’s becoming.

His first words were those he heard me use most often. What I eat, he wants to eat. Where I go, he wants to go.  What interests me interests him. What I love, he loves.

Benjamin is his own person with his own personality, and sin which is his own responsibility.

But he’s also a little imitator.

Because you are dear children

He doesn’t just imitate anyone, but the people he loves, trusts and spends the most time with.

“Imitate God, therefore, in everything you do, because you are his dear children.” (Ephesians 5:1, NLT)

The apostle Paul’s telling these Christians - these children of God - to be little imitators. Much like Benjamin is of us, his parents.

He’s not saying we need to try really hard to be like God so he’ll love us. We imitate him because we’re already his ‘dear children.’

We are who we love

We’re adopted and loved by God. And this because his dear Son - the only one who was perfectly like God - bore our rejection of him, so we’d become his dear sons and daughters.

Isn’t the gospel sweet?

Its sweetness makes us love him. We want to spend time with him. And – just like Benjamin - we become like those we spend most time with.

Like those we most love.