Let’s talk about Love Island

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This is a series to help Christians to be thoughtful, careful and accountable to each other when they engage with popular culture. While many Christians may rightly decide to not watch Love Island, Jonny writes to explore its worldview and explain how the gospel is better.


Nearly 3.5 million people tuned in for the beginning of this year’s Love Island. Including Christians.

Some Christian viewers probably feel guilty. Those who aren’t watching it might secretly feel intrigued. Some probably watch it without a thought.

Whatever we feel about it, ITV2’s most popular show is impacting Christians. So we need to talk about Love Island.

Can I watch it?

Recently, I wrote about how even the most corrupt parts of our culture are built on good desires. Love Island is no different.

Watching with a critical eye can help us understand our friends’ and family’s deepest longings, and point them to a love which will satisfy. But this will be risky. Dan Strange says:

“If we think of our non-Christian friends as people who are stuck in quicksand, pulling them out might involve getting our legs splattered.”

But I’m sure Dan will agree: with this one we might get more than splattered.

With the obvious temptation toward lust over scantily clad women and ripped men, some Christians may rightly say this is a time to bypass any kind of engagement. 

The Lord calls us to be holy (1 Peter 1:16) – that means different from the world around us. If watching Love Island leads to jealousy, discontentment, masturbation, or idolatry, it’s simple.

We shouldn’t watch it.

Extreme Caution

This is why I have never watched Love Island before. But as it grows in influence over culture and Christians, this year, I’ve decided to approach with extreme caution.

With a lot of accountability – and every intention of stopping if sin rears its ugly head – I hope to write a series of articles to question and challenge the assumptions on which Love Island has built its success.

But most importantly, I hope to write about how all of Love Island’s false promises are answered in the love of someone far greater – the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Corinthians 1:20).