Love Island: What happens when you get caught out?

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 If you’re wondering why we’re watching Love Island, or whether you should or could, check out Jonny’s first article here.


By now, we’re asking ourselves one question: Are these relationships for real? Or are the islanders playing a game, looking for money and fame?

But one thing’s for sure: if anyone’s playing a game, it’s the show’s producers.  

Heart Motives

Michael and Joanna have been their main target – a relationship which many have doubted.  

This week the producers ran a vote so the couple would be at risk of being booted off the island. And then their fellow islanders were instructed to choose only one of them to stay.

They chose Michael.

His response? “I’m gutted – I’ve found everything I’ve been looking for here. And now she’s going.”

Joanna calls him a snake and you can see why. If he’d found everything, why didn’t he get on that plane with her? Is it fame or money he’s after?

In their skill, the producers had cut to the heart of Michael’s mixed motives and laid them out for all to see. And it was pretty ugly.

Heart Surgery

Our hearts are more complex than our words.

But the Holy Spirit has a way of cutting his people to the heart and laying our heart motives out for us, and sometimes others, to see.

‘For the word of God is… sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart.’ Hebrews 4:12

Michael had to justify himself when he was caught out. But when, through the Bible, the Spirit convicts us of sin, we don’t have to justify ourselves, or convince others that we’re not sinners.

Jesus is our justification (Romans 5:1). We accept our guilt, and his absolute forgiveness and grace toward us.

Not only that. We’re now able to look to that same Spirit for power to put our sin to death (Romans 8:13).