Nerve Agent Attacks in a McMafia World

Last week’s nerve agent attack against former MI6 spy, Sergei Skripal, has been all over the papers.

Chemical attacks are shocking. But who can say they read about these stories and feel genuinely troubled?

Hasn’t it become normal in our world?

We feel distant. This kind of evil is planned in the Kremlin. It happens in Syria. If it’s on our patch, it happens to spies. Not regular people.

Evil becomes something out there in a world we aren’t really part of.

A McMafia World

It’s this myth that British crime series, McMafia, tries to debunk.

Alex Godman (James Norton) is the son of a Russian mafia boss. As a London banker, he’s done everything to escape his father’s entanglements in global crime.

But one day this changes.

Godman witnesses his uncle’s murder after his relative’s failed attempt to assassinate a Russian drug lord. 

Godman’s drive for revenge leads him into the shady world of crime he always avoided.

Each episode maps the moral decline of this reputable banker. Money laundering leads to involvement in sex slavery.

Godman’s a regular guy. But by episode eight, he’s a murderer.

A Human Problem

Evil isn’t something out there in a world we aren’t part of. It’s in here. The world of global crime involves people like you and me.  

I haven’t murdered anyone or promoted sex trafficking. But when I respond angrily or lust after a person, in some way, I participate in this McMafia world (Matthew 5:21-22, 28)

Like Godman, what starts as a moral lapse can decline into full-blown evil (James 1:15). Evil we soon become numb to.

This isn’t a distant world. Evil is a human problem; and humanity is something we all share.

This is why I – along with the rest of the world - need a human saviour.