None Like Him - Jen Wilkin

I forget how great God is.  

When we don’t pray about difficulties or find safety in him in suffering we act as though he’s like us. 


But Jen Wilkin in her book, None Like Him, explores how God is unlimited and what it means for us.


Jen highlights ten ways that God’s different from us. I felt particularly challenged by three. 

God’s always existed, depends on nothing or no-one and is in complete control. And this is part of why he’s great:

“Creating and sustaining all things, he is himself created and sustained by none. For all eternity he is perfectly provided for in and of himself, needless of any aid, unflagging in strength, never hungry or thirsty, experiencing no lack.”

As for us? We try to rely on ourselves. But there’s none like him.

This is good

It’s good that we’re not like God. 

“We were created to need both God and others. We deny this to our peril. We are not needy because of sin; we are needy by divine design.”

She takes aim at our individualism. Seeing how needless God is and how needy we are of him will help us be in awe of him. 

And awe erases anxiety so we can turn our eyes first towards God and then towards others. 

The danger

Wilkin also explores how damaging it is when we try to be God.  

She lists how we expose our commitment to self-sufficiency. We’re prayerless. Forgetful. Angry. Unconvicted of sin. Proud. Avoiders of Christian community. 

But be encouraged.

This book aims to increase our godliness, providing space for personal reflection and verses to meditate on. 

This book showed me how great it is to be limited - and how great it is that God isn’t. 

Type: Theology | Difficulty: Easy