Prayers, Texts + Tears - Dai Woolridge

In his book, Prayers, Texts + Tears, Dai Woolridge uses his creativity to speak honestly about suffering.

He blends heartfelt prayers, poetry and stories to process his grief after his dad’s death. These illustrate the refuge he finds in the loving God who cares.

Woolridge recalls in detail hearing news of his dad’s diagnosis, his death and the difficulties of going back to work.

So this is no abstract work. It’s art done well, bringing the truth of God’s world into sharper focus.

Being Honest

The most moving part of the book was an imagined response from God to Woolridge’s prayers and to his suffering.

I hate it when you hurt
And I hate cancer
But please keep trusting Me
even when you don't have the answers.
May you come to Me with all your fears
And know that one day I'll wipe away your tears.

His honesty was a breath of fresh air. Even with other Christians, talking about death, grief and our feelings can be hard.

So Woolridge encourages us to tell God how we’re feeling and not to be ashamed of our sadness.

Coming Home

He wants us to remember that death makes God sad too but that we must keep trusting in him.

Ultimately it’s when we think about our eternal home – a place where God will wipe every tear from our eyes (Revelation 21:4) – that we remember this isn’t our home.

The pain of losing his dad in this world shows the joy of being with our Father in his future, perfect world - one without death, sadness or suffering.

Type: Christian Life | Difficulty: Medium