Premier League Finale: Why do we love a comeback?


This week, English football fans were treated to two unforgettable comebacks.

Liverpool overturned a 3-0 deficit to beat the mighty Barcelona 4-0. Spurs did the same to Ajax. No matter who you support, the post-match stadium scenes were moving.

Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino was literally bawling his eyes out. Liverpool’s Kop had arms raised, belting out their famous hymn, You’ll Never Walk Alone.

These weren’t just wins; they were comebacks. Both teams were dead and buried. But they rose to new life.

So it’s unsurprising that they move us so deeply.

Comeback King

Comebacks resonate with us because deep-down we know that, before our Creator God, our only hope is a comeback. And Jesus has done it.

He was the underdog – born in a barn, poor, homeless.  He was literally dead and buried; but on resurrection Sunday he made the comeback of comebacks.

Just as Liverpool and Spurs won it for their fans, so too is Jesus victorious for his followers. In our sin, we were dead. But united to Christ through faith, we have been raised with him.

And this moves us deeply – enough to shed tears and belt out our own hymns to our comeback King. But the parallels end there.


While those fans shared in the euphoria of the moment with their teams, eventually they went home. Today the euphoria is over.

At the starts of the final day of the Premier League, Liverpool are set to become the highest scoring team not to win the title. Spurs have had a disappointing end to their league campaign.

But not so with Jesus’ comeback.

We can bask in the joy of the here and now. But Jesus’ comeback for us can never end. We will sing our songs of praise, with arms raised, forever into eternity.