Recapturing the Wonder - Mike Cosper

For me, Mike Cosper’s book Recapturing the Wonder is every bit a manifesto for magic as a case for wonder.

Cue, 21st Century eye rolls.

Which is his point. We’ve moved on from magic. We’re about science. Evidence. And Instagramming our craft coffee.

But Cosper makes a good argument for how shallow this idea of our world is – a world in which a microscope is a better gauge of truth than a feast with friends.

We’re a disenchanted bunch.

A Better Way

Reducing everything to scientific laws, we no longer stand in wonder at the world.

Without wonder, there’s no true worship. Food becomes fuel. Busy-ness becomes better than solitude.

So Cosper invites us to recapture the wonder of an enchanted world - a magical place to inspire our wonder – a place where by magic eggs turn into chickens, and we get more when we give everything away.

This is, literally, a wonder-full world.

After all, we believe in a God who created, not just a universe, but a cosmos – a place bearing the character of its wonderful Creator.


After each chapter there is a ‘Pathway’ –  practical advice on how to ‘practice the presence of God,’ to open our eyes to his wonder, to feast on our own humanity.

I’m grateful for writers like Cosper.

I can’t give you three things I learned from the book. But my world is now richer. My experience of it, fuller.

Genre: Christian Living | Difficulty: Medium