Republocrat - Carl Trueman

In 2010, while living in Germany, I met a fellow Brit and Christian. We got on well. But then I found something out about her which shocked me.

She voted Liberal Democrat.

Was it possible for Christians to vote Lib Dem – a party in favour of abortion? Did this call into question her faith?

No. It didn’t. And Carl Trueman wrote Republocrat for fools like my twenty-one year old self.

The Dilemma

To vote for a political party which represents your views on important issues is like choosing a colour to represent your mood over the last ten years.

Oh, and it has to be either red or blue.

By choosing red, you’re saying ‘no’ to abortion, but ‘yes’ to a greater wealth divide; blue and you’re saying ‘yes’ to women’s rights, but ‘no’ to a biblical view of marriage.

And this is the Christian’s dilemma that Trueman talks about when it comes to party-politics.

So what do you do?

An Answer?

According to Trueman, most Christians become ‘one-issue voters.’ We decide what the greatest evil is, and we vote for the party most likely to stand against it.

Guilty, as charged.

The problem is that when we make, say, abortion our one issue, we condemn anyone else who prioritises another ethical cause and so votes for the opposing party.

We shouldn’t be hypocrites. If we want others to vote for a Christian ethic – whatever that might be – we should display that ethic in our attitude toward them.

So be charitable towards brothers and sisters who love Jesus and yet reach different conclusions on issues the Bible doesn’t speak clearly about.

After all, how you stand politically is equally important for God’s glory as what you stand for.

So Trueman’s point is clear enough. Don’t be a fool like I was.

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