Same old story

I just put my son down for his morning nap.

We spent morning playing and reading books. He fetched his favourite story, The Christmas Promise. He’s yet to grasp the calendar year.  

I read. He turned the pages. I finished and he closed the book. He looked at the cover for five seconds, before holding it out to me again.

“Again, Dad,” his eyes said.

I obliged. And the whole scene played out again.

“Again, please.”

A familiar story

We adults are no different. Almost all our stories – books or films – are the same. They start with things in order - contented, happy, sorted. And then some problem hits paradise.

The story will pin its hope on a hero to save the day – one who is brought down shortly before slaying the dragon, the baddie, the adversity. And paradise is restored.

Sound familiar?

Tell me again

Since Eden, its fall, our rescuer, his cross and resurrection, in our books and films we just tell the same old story.

Over and over.

We go to the cinema, we pick up another book. All we’re saying is, “Again, please.”

Tell me the gospel again please. Tell me things will all be ok.

Eternity’s story

In a culture fixated on the novel and new, our ‘again-please’ shows us that we actually crave the old, the same story we’ve heard and will hear again.

The story of our rebellion, God’s ‘Christmas Promise’ to send a rescuer, his life and death to save us. His promise to ‘make all sad things become untrue,’ as Josiah’s book reads.

This is the same old story we love. And it’s one we won’t stop telling even into eternity (Revelation 5:11-13).