Seasons in the Son

It’s been the coldest winter I can remember. It’s been a pretty cold spring so far too.

But last week, the sun finally got its hat on and we rejoiced. True to British form, we talked about it a lot.

Isn’t it wonderful weather? I thought this winter would never end. I’d almost forgotten the sun existed!

This snippet of summer has been a long time in the coming. And against the backdrop of a cold few months, the sweetness of the sunshine feels even sweeter.

But even during the cold months, the sun never stopped existing. More than that, it was working.  

The sun has been sustaining life. It’s been stimulating growth. It’s been holding our solar system’s planets in place.

Hidden? Maybe. Inactive? No way.

Seasons of the Soul

Following Jesus sometimes feels like summer. There’s a right and deep joy in experiencing the warmth of the gospel, in seeing God work and feeling his presence.

But sometimes it feels like there’s a lengthy winter in our souls. We wonder if God’s still working in us - what could possibly be growing under all our spiritual snow?

We long for summer - God’s clear visibility, his obvious work and a heart brimming with gladness.

But God created seasons. And he uses them for our growth.

The Son’s Warmth

He uses both summers and winters in our souls to do different types of work in us. Our spiritual winter doesn’t mean he’s absent.  

He’s promised that he’s working for our good, however we’re feeling (Isaiah 46:4, Romans 8:28-30).

Does God feel hidden to you today?

Take heart. His word says he’s busy. He’s sustaining you. He’s growing you. He’s working to make you like Jesus.

So that when summer returns, the Son’s warmth will feel even warmer.