See how much I love you!


The must-watch home video: Baby Israel’s early years. Narrated by his Father.

Look closely because his story is our story too.

A rebellious child

Rewind the tape.

The Father loved his son and rescued him from a horrific Egyptian regime (Hosea 11:1).

He carried kept this needy baby safe, feeding him spicy manna as they travelled together through the wilderness.

See how he led him by the arms and taught him to walk, giving the Law to provide him with life to the full (Hosea 11:3).

But Baby Israel spits in his face, determined to turn from his loving Father (Hosea 11:7). Even as he kicks and screams, this Father gently lifts his son to his cheek and cares for him (Hosea 11:4).

But enough is enough. The Father has to punish.

He’ll send big, bad Assyria to take him into captivity (Hosea 11:5). Just go to the British Museum to see the horror of Assyrian rule.

Slavery 2.0.

And still, this kid refuses to return to his Father (Hosea 11:7). But this wasn’t the end of the family story.

A Father’s love

Press pause. The Father speaks! And what a shock!

‘How can I hand you over, Israel?’ (Hosea 11:8)

The Holy One can’t let his child be destroyed. His love is too great (Hosea 11:8). How could this be possible?

The greater Son

Many years later, in tender love, the Father sent a perfect Son into human history. This Son came out of Egypt and never turned from his Father (Matthew 2:14).

Unlike Baby Israel, and unlike us, he always obeyed.

At the cross, this perfect Son took the Father’s burning anger against his children’s ongoing law-breaking (Romans 3:25).

Trust in God’s perfect Son. The Father punished him in your place so that you can know and experience his Father’s love – a love too wonderful to get your head around.