Seeing heaven at work

Having a feast at work has become a regular fixture.

Someone will collect a box of unwanted food from M&S, a couple of us will re-create Ready, Steady, Cook, and then we set twelve or so places at the table.

A Weekly Feast

I work in a YMCA hostel where paying guests and vulnerable young people are both welcomed and respected.

Sometimes we can provide for specific needs. But this isn’t the main reason we put on the feasts. There’s something greater.

In those moments, no one is homeless. No one is superior. We share in what’s common to us all – hopes, dreams, joy and sympathy.

We share a meal, talk together, listen to each other.

We were built for this kind of tier-less community. And every week, it reminds me of heaven.

The Heavenly Feast

Like the hostel, heaven’s doors are open. And God describes heaven as a banquet.

‘The Lord of hosts will prepare a lavish banquet for all peoples’ (Isaiah 25:6).

If our feasts are the copy, heaven is the real thing - a community of all kinds of people, brought to the same table through the grace of God.

Like at the hostel, no one will be homeless in this community. No one will be rich or poor. No one will be superior to the other.

Each is saved at the foot of the cross.

Earthly Community

Local churches are little earthly outposts of this heavenly community – tier-less communities saved by God.   

Is that how you approach church? Or when you’re with a group of Christian friends?

Together we share food and we share life (Acts 2:44). We go out into the world to invite others to this heavenly banquet (Luke 14:23).

This is what we’re called to. It’s how we see heaven at work.