Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus


I first heard about Nabeel Qureshi last September when my Facebook feed filled up with tributes to him.

Nabeel had died at 34 years old.

What became clear was that this man had sacrificed everything for Jesus. Raised as a Muslim, Nabeel had investigated Islam and become convinced instead by Christianity.

And this was unspeakably costly for him.

So I put his book ‘Seeking Allah, finding Jesus’ on our Christmas list and I read it this week.

I couldn’t put it down.

Desire for Truth

The book begins with Nabeel in crisis. He’s wrestling through his questions and discoveries about Islam that have rocked his lifelong faith in Allah.

Praying and weeping, he asks God:

“Just show me which path is Yours, dear God, so I can walk it.”

And God answers.

What follows is the story of his life from childhood to conversion to Jesus. It’s a deeply faith building story for Christians.

But it also gives an insight into the daily lives, beliefs, language and relationships within Muslim families.

It depicts his family as loving, kind and eager to teach their children what they believe to be true.

Much like Christian families. And he’s done this deliberately.

Love for Muslim Neighbours

He wants to help non-Muslims love their Muslim neighbours. How better to do that than to remind us that we share both our humanity and our need for the truth?

This book isn’t only facts about or arguments against Islam. It’s a story about a man who loved it, was happy in it, but who became convinced that it was wrong.

It’s a charge to befriend and engage with Muslims. It emphasises the value of relationship in communicating Christ to them.

So if you - like me - need your love stirred for those trusting in a false god, read this book.