Serving Without Sinking - John Hindley

Have you forgotten why you serve others? Are you doing too much, on the verge of sinking? Or do you feel like no one notices what you do anyway?

John Hindley addresses these kinds of questions and more for those of us feeling the burden of serving others.

Servant King

First, he reminds us what God is like. The book encourages us to take a step back to first remember that we’ve been served.

We must find joy in the God who did not come to be served but to serve (Mark 10:45) – the one who gave his life to rescue us.  

Hindley encourages us to actively receive this most precious of gifts, before giving and subconsciously trying to put God and others in our debt.

Be served before you serve. And then remember who you are in Jesus.


We are called his friend, serving alongside him as he shows us pieces of his grand masterplan and where even the smallest acts of service fit in.


We are his bride, being made beautiful even through the most grimy acts of service. 


And we are children of a good Father, whose work in building a kingdom with us is like a Dad building a shed with his child.

Even if Dad could build his shed without the child, he enjoys allowing him join in. So too, God is delighted to use us in his work.

Joyful service

Serving without sinking is all about ‘how to serve Christ and keep your joy.’ I’ve loved reading this book as it takes sweet gospel truths and re-shapes how we see our daily lives.

Even considering the most dull, difficult or dirty tasks, Hindley leaves us smiling as we consider what God is doing in us through us.

Type: Christian Living | Difficulty: Easy