Show people your weakness

Do you feel pressure to appear perfect, capable, and together in front of others?

I do.

I often analyse chats I’ve just had, wondering how I came across. I’m often reluctant to share my struggles, worrying that people might judge me.  

So, I put my best foot forward. Without even realising, I circulate the post-church coffee time with a wide smile, having conversations which avoid any talk of my fears, sin or struggles.

And then I leave church feeling exhausted, anxious, and fake.

The problem? I’m afraid of showing my weakness.

Boasting in weakness

If my life was a vase, I’d be spending my effort on patching up the cracks, making it look presentable. This is the opposite of what the apostle Paul did.

 ‘Therefore, I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses’ (2 Corinthians 12:9).

Paul’s vase would be beaten up, dusty, covered in cracks.


Because he didn’t want people to see how amazing he is - he wanted people to see how amazing God is.

And God says he can be more clearly seen through our weaknesses.

Seeing God in weakness

Imagine putting a candle in both our vases. Which one would let out the most light? The cracked one.

When we accept Christ, God puts his light inside of us – cracked jars of clay - so that we can be beacons of his awesome power (2 Corinthians 4:7).

But if we spend all our effort fixing up our life, then people will only ever see us and not the light inside.

Are you more interested in showing people the pretty vase of your life, or God’s life-giving light that glows within?

If God is more clearly seen through our weaknesses, we shouldn’t hide our cracks. Like Paul, we should boast in them.

Because a cracked but radiant vase is the strongest vase of all.