Sowing Gospel Seeds in Wintertime

Sowing Gospel Seeds in Wintertime

I was raised in a religious family.  But I didn’t know God personally. 

One day during a school assembly, missionaries gave out Bibles. We read John 3:16. I was confronted with the reality of hell and the promise of eternal life with Jesus.

While the gospel seed had been planted, I didn’t become a Christian. It took a decade of re-visiting the gospel and a lot of nurturing before I made a commitment to God.

Our God is patient, and he works to his own time.

God’s Timing

I’m quick to forget this. I love sharing Jesus’ love. But when people don’t receive him, I feel sad, frustrated or defeated.

But I didn’t receive him. I ignored God’s abundant love. I postponed my decision to follow him.

Those missionaries longed for us to believe, but may have felt sad, frustrated or defeated. They’d planted the gospel seed. But they didn’t know that it was wintertime in my heart.

In God’s timing, springtime was round the corner. And that gospel seed finally flowered into faith.

God’s Work

We can’t know which season it is in people’s hearts. Our role is to share (Matthew 28:19); God’s role is to save. We plant; God gives the growth (1 Corinthians 3:6).

I can’t remember much about the missionaries themselves who visited my school. I only remember feeling quietly convicted by their message. It was God’s work.

So while Jesus gives us the Holy Spirit to equip us to speak (Acts 1:8), God works through us:

‘No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise   them up at the last day.’ John 6:44

So we plant the gospel seed wherever we go, praying that springtime is here or on its way. But whatever the case, we should rest, knowing it’s only God who can change the seasons.