Stacey Dooley: We all love a journey

What a final.

Ashley and Faye were two of Strictly’s best dancers but failed to win the affections of the British public. No glitterball for them.

Ashley kept topping the leader board but kept getting booted into the dance-off.

Instead, the nation crowned a woman with no dancing experience but plenty of enthusiasm - and possibly the nicest dance partner in the world.

Kevin’s blubbering after ‘the reveal’ showed just how much he cared for his pupil. Her mum even bombed onto the stage in the sheer joy of it all.

The Journey

Shimmying and sassing her way about each Saturday night, Stacey Dooley entered the dance-off zero times. But there were lows – her Week Two Cha Cha only scraped half marks.

Not to mention the lows of ten years ago when she’d made some poor choices and was known by no-one

It’s cheesy, but let’s face it - we all love a journey. The bookies even predicted her win before the final’s first dance began.

We love unveiling the talent of a woman who’s normally interviewing people, not ‘Paso Doble-ing’ from two left feet to ballroom greatness.

And, if you’d excuse more cheese, Stacey’s transformation reminds us of our own.

Our Teacher

Spiritually speaking, we also once had two left feet, failing to live God’s way (Romans 1:21).

But now in Jesus, we have the best teacher, the Holy Spirit. His presence means we can dance the Christian life (Ephesians 4:30) and move in the way that pleases God (Galatians 5:22).

Of course, we’ll all have our Week Two Cha Cha fails. But the Spirit’ll keep teaching us (1 John 2:26).

And unlike Stacey and Kevin who couldn’t be sure of their victory, our reward is certain – and it’s far better than the Strictly glitterball.

It’s the crown of life, prepared for all who love Jesus (James 1:12).