Sunny Side Up – Dan DeWitt

Sunny Side Up

“When Jesus rose from the dead, he didn’t make a speech to the world; he made breakfast for his friends,” writes one author.

In John 21, the risen Jesus fries some fish on the beach and invites his disciples to enjoy a divinely cooked breakfast – and a taste of the world to come.

But it wasn’t all bucket and spades. Jesus used this breakfast as his opportunity to call a repentant Peter to a faithful Christian life.

And he calls us to the same.

Honest Questions

In his book Sunny Side Up, Dan DeWitt asks us to imagine that we were going to breakfast with the Creator of the Universe. You know, the one we’d just denied three times?

Would he be mad?

DeWitt offers masterful insight into this conversation, rooting it in Jesus’ never-ending grace for his wayward followers. But he – like Jesus – doesn’t pull his punches.

“Do you love me?” asks Jesus (John 21:16). As in, do you love me more than anything else? Are you committed to growing in your love for me?

“Take care of my sheep” (John 21:16). Loving Jesus looks like loving what he loves – his muddy sheep, the church. Jesus’ question cuts to the heart.

“Then he said to him, ‘Follow me!’” (John 21:19). Two words that change the direction of our lives. Jesus never minced his words.

A Hearty Meal

DeWitt uses the simplest terms to open up the big challenges of the Christian life - idolatry, church and discipleship.

It’s rare to read a book this challenging, while enjoying hearing its compelling call on our lives. And this is the sure sign that DeWitt has presented Jesus Christ faithfully.

Wherever you’re at in your walk with Jesus, Sunny Side Up is a meal to feast on. Taking it to heart will leave you both satisfied and hungry for more.