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Free Solo: How to look in the mirror

Free Solo tells the story of Alex Honnold’s attempt to become the first person without ropes to climb El Capitan – a nine-hundred metre sheer rockface in California.

The film captures the spine-tingling scale of Honnold’s climb. Even in the cinema I felt queasy. But I also felt amazed by something I’d only previously known in my head: that the bodies God gave us are amazing.

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Liam Neeson, you and the rest of us

After Liam Neeson’s friend was raped by a black man, he admits that he:

‘went up and down the area with a cosh. Hoping…some black ******* would…have a go at me, so that I could kill him.’

Racism, like rape, is the ugly attack on human dignity, given by God to reflect his glory (Genesis 1:27).

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