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How should Christians engage with culture? An Interview with Dan Strange

“Dan, I’m using an app which records our phone call – legally I have to ask if you’re ok with that.”

“Legally, I am,” came Dan’s wry response to my boring question. Within ten minutes the app had crashed and our phone call was cut off. Twice.

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Christian, it matters how you treat God

Israel had lost God (1 Samuel 4:22). The Philistines had captured the ‘ark of the covenant’ – the symbol of God’s presence and glory.

But the Philistines’ mistreatment of the ark wrought havoc. God smashed their idols (1 Samuel 5:4) and brought the bubonic plague on its capturers (1 Samuel 5:6).

So the people of Ashdod passed the ark to the people of Gath. They passed it to the people of Ekron who didn’t want it either.

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Liam Neeson, you and the rest of us

After Liam Neeson’s friend was raped by a black man, he admits that he:

‘went up and down the area with a cosh. Hoping…some black ******* would…have a go at me, so that I could kill him.’

Racism, like rape, is the ugly attack on human dignity, given by God to reflect his glory (Genesis 1:27).

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Are you a moaner?

I’ve worked in quite a few workplaces – bars, shops, homes, schools and offices.

With different kinds of workplaces come different kinds of people. But when it comes to my colleagues, one thing has remained the same.

People moan.

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Gillette: the best a man can get?

No publicity is bad publicity. Or so the saying goes. Gillette has put out an advert which has divided its male consumer base. With its short film Believe, the shaving firm takes aim at ‘toxic masculinity.’

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Unstuck – Tim Lane

Psychology and Christianity haven’t always been best friends.

In the age of pop-psyche-self-help, Christians have been wary of do-it-yourself strategies to change our broken lives.

Its fruit looks attractive, but it goes off pretty quickly – the change doesn’t last. 

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