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How should Christians engage with culture? An Interview with Dan Strange

“Dan, I’m using an app which records our phone call – legally I have to ask if you’re ok with that.”

“Legally, I am,” came Dan’s wry response to my boring question. Within ten minutes the app had crashed and our phone call was cut off. Twice.

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Goodbye to Goodbyes – Lauren Chandler

I recently said the hardest goodbye I’ve ever had to say.

We put her down in the cold-cot, being careful with her lifeless neck. And with pangs of pain, we left the room, saying goodbye to our stillborn daughter.

Worried about how we’d share this with our two-year-old son, I was so happy to come across Lauren Chandler’s latest kids’ book on Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead.

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Unstuck – Tim Lane

Psychology and Christianity haven’t always been best friends.

In the age of pop-psyche-self-help, Christians have been wary of do-it-yourself strategies to change our broken lives.

Its fruit looks attractive, but it goes off pretty quickly – the change doesn’t last. 

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