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Why should Christians do good?

It’s that age-old question: if we’re saved by grace alone through our faith in Jesus, why bother with doing good? Paul anticipated this question:

‘What shall we say, then? Shall we go on sinning so that grace may increase?’ Romans 6:1

Well, no. We know that being a Christian means changes to our life. But why?

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5 Things to Pray for Your Kids - Melissa Kruger

My wife was thirty-six weeks pregnant and it was the fourth time we’d seen the consultant.

“Pregnancy is so full of worry… can’t we just whip them out?” I asked, not yet knowing whether they were a boy or girl.

Our consultant – a Christian – looked at us first-time parents with the affirming smile of a seasoned mum. “The worry won’t end when your little one’s born. Mine have left home and I still worry.”

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Your Excitement Changes People

‘Oooh!’ I leapt from the sofa. ‘Tom, look.’

I showed him my phone. He just laughed at me. I began messaging my friends, sure that they’d give me a better response – our favourite band was back in the country.

Within seconds, the phone was a vibrating whirl of GIF’s and exclamation marks.

And then I started thinking – am I ever that excited about God? The writers of the New Testament were.

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Finding joy while defrosting the car

It’s been a week since so-called ‘Blue Monday’ – the most depressing day of the year. January hits us hard.

The promise of a new-year-new-you might have evaporated into new-year-same-old-you. Same old job? Same old suffering? Same old… well, life.

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Unstuck – Tim Lane

Psychology and Christianity haven’t always been best friends.

In the age of pop-psyche-self-help, Christians have been wary of do-it-yourself strategies to change our broken lives.

Its fruit looks attractive, but it goes off pretty quickly – the change doesn’t last. 

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