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When Going to Church Feels Hard

Sometimes, dragging yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning and going to church is the last thing you want to do. Sometimes, you’d rather roll over and hit ‘snooze’.

There can be lots of reasons.

Maybe it’s that one person you can’t face. Maybe you’ve been going six months and still don’t feel welcome – or you’re afraid you’ll be roped in to more serving.

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Your Excitement Changes People

‘Oooh!’ I leapt from the sofa. ‘Tom, look.’

I showed him my phone. He just laughed at me. I began messaging my friends, sure that they’d give me a better response – our favourite band was back in the country.

Within seconds, the phone was a vibrating whirl of GIF’s and exclamation marks.

And then I started thinking – am I ever that excited about God? The writers of the New Testament were.

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China: Celebrating a New Year of God’s Blessing

This weekend there’ll be many celebrations across China as the country moves into the Chinese New Year. And 2019 is the year of the Pig.

According to Chinese culture, pigs are blessed with good fortune and are a symbol of financial blessing.

Chinese Christians are often not blessed with good fortune; but their blessings in Christ flow deeper than their finances.

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Why church?

If Jesus’ sacrifice was enough to save you (Romans 3:28), why go to church?

All cultures across history have challenged the gospel with the philosophy of the day. Ours focuses on ‘the self’ before the community. So the challenge comes as no surprise.

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Guess what a refugee gave me?

Ali walked down the steps of the aeroplane and onto the damp tarmac. The first thing the twelve-year old noticed about England was that it was a lot colder than home.

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