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When God takes away your god

My experience was common.

At twenty, God showed me what I was worshipping at that time in my life – and it wasn’t him. Through suffering, he showed me what we all need to learn: Our idols won’t satisfy us (Isaiah 44:9).

My response was to replace that idol with another. Maybe this one will satisfy me? But God took that from me too. And the next.

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Your Excitement Changes People

‘Oooh!’ I leapt from the sofa. ‘Tom, look.’

I showed him my phone. He just laughed at me. I began messaging my friends, sure that they’d give me a better response – our favourite band was back in the country.

Within seconds, the phone was a vibrating whirl of GIF’s and exclamation marks.

And then I started thinking – am I ever that excited about God? The writers of the New Testament were.

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Finding joy while defrosting the car

It’s been a week since so-called ‘Blue Monday’ – the most depressing day of the year. January hits us hard.

The promise of a new-year-new-you might have evaporated into new-year-same-old-you. Same old job? Same old suffering? Same old… well, life.

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