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When Going to Church Feels Hard

Sometimes, dragging yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning and going to church is the last thing you want to do. Sometimes, you’d rather roll over and hit ‘snooze’.

There can be lots of reasons.

Maybe it’s that one person you can’t face. Maybe you’ve been going six months and still don’t feel welcome – or you’re afraid you’ll be roped in to more serving.

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When God takes away your god

My experience was common.

At twenty, God showed me what I was worshipping at that time in my life – and it wasn’t him. Through suffering, he showed me what we all need to learn: Our idols won’t satisfy us (Isaiah 44:9).

My response was to replace that idol with another. Maybe this one will satisfy me? But God took that from me too. And the next.

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Disability, Doubt and the Design of God

My brother-in-law was born with a rare bone disease which makes it very easy to break his leg. And he has. Again and again and again.

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