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Christian, it matters how you treat God

Israel had lost God (1 Samuel 4:22). The Philistines had captured the ‘ark of the covenant’ – the symbol of God’s presence and glory.

But the Philistines’ mistreatment of the ark wrought havoc. God smashed their idols (1 Samuel 5:4) and brought the bubonic plague on its capturers (1 Samuel 5:6).

So the people of Ashdod passed the ark to the people of Gath. They passed it to the people of Ekron who didn’t want it either.

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When God takes away your god

My experience was common.

At twenty, God showed me what I was worshipping at that time in my life – and it wasn’t him. Through suffering, he showed me what we all need to learn: Our idols won’t satisfy us (Isaiah 44:9).

My response was to replace that idol with another. Maybe this one will satisfy me? But God took that from me too. And the next.

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Keep Calm and Watch Eurovision

After a few years of Brexit talks and Donald Trump’s tweets, there really is nothing better than the Eurovision Song Contest.

For me, it could be renamed the let’s-all-just-chill-out-and-have-some-fun contest.

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