Talking About Trump

To say President Trump divides opinion in the UK isn’t quite right. Although I’m sure they’re out there, I’ve not yet met one supporter of the US President.

UK Christians tend to be awkward around politics. We can apply the gospel to politics and come out with opposing views.

So we tend to say nothing. Not even about Trump. Perhaps we call it ‘submitting to the authorities’ (Romans 13:1).

But silence can also be a failure to stand up for what’s right (James 4:17).

So here are three things Christians should not be afraid to say respectfully, but clearly, about President Trump.

#1 The President lies

The day before arriving in Britain, Trump was filmed saying that a post-Brexit deal with the UK was now off the table.

After meeting Theresa May he rejected this as ‘fake news.’

He has lied about his physical condition. He has admitted not one of the multiple accusations of sexual abuse.

While everyone is free to defend themselves, Trump has simply called the women liars. Which, by video and audio evidence alone, is itself a lie.

#2 The President has sexually abused women

In his presidential campaign, this video was released. Since then, twenty women have given accounts of his sexual abuse.

God hates sexual abuse. He hates male chauvinism and misuse of power – power which Trump is now using to undermine each of these accusations.

#3 The President has displayed racism

Trump has repeatedly spoken or acted unfairly toward Hispanic, black and Muslim people from various nations. And this is before getting into his immigration policy.

God hates racism. And so should we.

For sure, being a Christian doesn’t mean being aligned to a particular political party.  But we should be aligned to God’s clear commands.

Silence can sometimes be wise. But often our silence can be more damaging than standing up for what's right (Isaiah 1:17).