Tears on Father's Day


Recently it was Father’s Day and things proceeded as normal at a friend’s church.

Fathers were honoured in every form: birth, spiritual, adoptive, foster, uncles. All were celebrated and appreciated.

Then we were told about our perfect heavenly father who loves and cares for us better than any earthly father ever could.

But unnoticed, some dads were choking back tears. They’d been dreading this service. Dreading feeling that hollow pit of emptiness. Of loss. Of failure. Of feeling that nobody understood.

Unthinkable Separation

These were dads whose children were being raised by other men.

One talked about how his ex-wife had remarried and taken his children away. He loved them so deeply but had barely seen them. He had no control over how they were raised and little opportunity to tell them about Jesus.

He felt like nobody understood his pain. But he also knew that this wasn’t true.

Unbelievable Understanding

God knows all about the pain of seeing his treasured creation, his pride and joy, raised by a different father.

The Bible says that when we reject God, we treat the devil as our father instead, and follow his lies (John 8:44).

God has seen his children choose to have nothing to do with him. He has seen us stolen away by deception.

He has seen faithful children cut down by persecution. And ultimately, he saw his most faithful Son nailed to a cross (Galatians 1:4).

He understands. He gets it.

But because this Father gave up his Son, one day separation and loss will be unimaginable. And on that amazing day, none of God’s children will ever shed tears again (Revelation 21:4).

And none of us will ever be able to be separated from him (Romans 8:39).