Thank God it's Monday

Radio station Heart seems to begin its countdown to Friday on Sunday evening. We’re obsessed with Friday. It’s like a prize we earn for enduring the week.

Whether we’re a taxi driver, teacher or town planner, it’s like we aren’t our true selves at work. The weekend allows us to be who we are and do what we live for.

Our professional self is different to our actual self – a distinction that sites like LinkedIn can emphasise.

One Identity

But as Christians, we shouldn’t create a week and weekend identity. We have one identity.

Jesus is our good shepherd who has laid down his life for his flock (John 10:15-16). We’re his sheep. We follow him at home and in our work.

Whether we’re leading our rugby team or a work project; whether we’re meeting friends or for a team away-day, we were ‘created in Christ Jesus to do good works’ (Ephesians 2:10).

So there's no such thing as ‘work-life balance.’ It's really just ‘life balance.’

One Job

Our work isn’t a means to an end – to get to the weekend, to feed my face, or even to earn for gospel purposes.

Paid or unpaid work was part of God’s plan for human beings. Work is good. We’ll work until Jesus returns, and afterwards in the new creation (Matthew 25:23).

We’re not only our true selves when we leave the workplace. Being a human includes being a worker. 

One hope

Perhaps we separate work and personal life because we’re dissatisfied. But defining ourselves by our work or by who we are outside of work, will fail us.

The week’s work will never fulfil us. But neither will the weekend. Only the future rest (and work) promised to us in Christ will.

So when the week feels like a drain, don’t look to the weekend to fix it. Look to Christ.