The Glories of God's Love - Milton Vincent

So much of what we read is to learn new stuff.

More facts. More stats. More theories. 

But with the gospel, what we usually need is not something new. We need what we already know.

What we already know

This is the message of Milton Vincent's heart-warming little book 'The Glories of God's Love: A Gospel Primer for Christians'.

On the first page Vincent says that 'God did not give us His gospel just so we could embrace it and be converted'. Instead, 'He offers it to us every day as a gift that keeps on giving to us everything we need for life and godliness.'

And in Part I, Vincent gives 31 reasons why.

31 reasons why

Do not think of these as arguments, but meditations. A meditation for each day of the month on our total need for the gospel.

And as meditations, they need a slow cooking in the mind – like that stew your grandmother used to make. S-L-O-W.

Prose and poetry

But although sweet, tender and falling off the bone, it’s not Part I that shines brightest from Vincent's book. It’s Parts II and III.

Because they contain something I haven’t found elsewhere - a prose and poetic re-telling of the gospel. 

In 1000 words or so, Vincent retells the greatest story of all time. Twice.

The story of God's glory, and our shame.

The story of God's love, and our disdain.

The story of Christ taking God's punishment for me.

The story of a people saved for God's glory, and for eternity.

Can I recommend this brief but brilliant book to you?

It’s written with a warmth and care that makes its writer's love for the gospel contagious. So contagious that, you never know, it may even make you a poet. 

Type: Devotional | Difficulty: Easy