The Gospel According to Peter Kay

The long-awaited moment arrived. Just as Kayleigh and John might finally get together, John panics:

‘I just keep thinking, what if she gets to know me and then she doesn’t like me…. there’s a difference between knowing someone and really knowing someone.’

Christians can think the same thing about God.

Does God love me?

If I'm really honest with God about my struggles, will he love me less? Surely, my failures must leave him pretty fed up. What if I do something really bad in the future?

God loves me. Ok. But does he like me?

Kayleigh reassures John:

‘I’ve seen you at your best and I’ve seen you at your worst.’

In Car Share, Peter Kay has written a hilarious ‘warts and all’ picture of friendship.

Kayleigh and John have endured a car ride with fishmonger ‘Stink Ray’, suffered Kayleigh’s water phobia in a car wash and even returned a monkey to the zoo.

They know each other pretty well. But John and Kayleigh don’t know each other fully. Kayleigh’s unconditional approval of John is a great thing.

But what we have in the gospel is far better.

Warts and all

Terrifyingly God does know us inside out. He sees past our cover-ups and straight into our sinful hearts (Psalm 90:8).

Yet Jesus died for us whilst we were still sinners, at our most unlovable (Romans 5:8). His death has paid for the sins that we haven’t even done yet (John 19:30).

We’re now God’s treasured possession (1 Peter 2:9). His Children. Jesus’ friends (John 15:15).

Kay’s wonderful picture of friendship points to a far greater one. In Jesus, we are really known and really loved, warts and all.