The gospel story in Finding Dory

I wasn’t expecting to love Finding Dory. It seemed too similar to Finding Nemo. Same story, different fish.

Losing Nemo was tragic. Losing Dory too – well, that felt careless.

Dory is a fish who forgets stuff. She was part of Nemo’s story when he got lost. Her own story begins when she has a flashback of her long-lost family.

She goes on a journey to find them and pieces together memories as she goes. She vaguely recalls being someone’s daughter. Being loved.

All hope seems lost when Dory’s done everything to find them and failed. She’s in unfamiliar waters.

She feels utterly alone.

Hope in Despair

And yet in her despair, Dory doesn’t yet realise something amazing - someone is looking for her.

She sees a line of shells – a trick her parents used to use to help her find them as a kid.

She follows the trail and sees them, carrying as many shells as they can manage and lining them up in every possible direction.

Dory couldn’t find her parents. But they worked hard to bring her home.

Finding Dory is a gospel story.

Our Homecoming

It’s the story of God, whose children have wandered away from him. Children who have forgotten him; lost and without hope in a world that never quite feels like home (Ephesians 2:12).

This father daily looks for the return of his children (Luke 15:20-24).

This father stretches his hands of kindness and mercy in every possible direction – even over a Roman cross - so that his children never have to wonder if they’re wanted back.

This father searches for his children and celebrates when they’re no longer lost; when his work in finding them is done (Luke 15:7).

And, just like for Dory, being found by him is our homecoming.