The Happiest News


Emily Coxhead is an illustrator who recently set up a newspaper dedicated to positive news only. ‘The Happy News’ doesn’t pretend that nothing bad happens, but ‘celebrates all that’s good in the world’.

And there’s a lot of good in the world. The newspaper features uplifting stories about supermarkets reducing waste and old men knitting jumpers for injured penguins.

I have to agree with The Happy News. We don’t spend enough time soaking in the loveliness of this world. But there’s some even better news on offer and it doesn’t simply cheer us up on a down day.

It changes everything…

The Bad News

We really do need to hear both good and bad news.

We see the evil and suffering around us, and it shows us how broken the world is. Worst of all, we see our own selfishness, and we understand how desperately we need God’s grace.

That’s the bad news.

We also see beauty and kindness and it shows us what a wonderful God we have. He’s filled the world with good things. Friendship. Summer evenings. And, apparently, penguins in woolly jumpers.

We’re right to enjoy these things. They’re part of the good news. 

But they’re not the headline.

The Good News

It was an angel who first broke the ultimate good news story:

‘I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you.’ Luke 2:10-11

This is the happiest news we could ever hear.

Jesus, the Saviour, rescues us from the bad news story we deserve. We’re welcomed into a life of great joy by God.

We’re still living in a broken world. We won’t always feel happy. And that’s OK.

Being a Christian means looking forward to a wonderful future: life with God, in a world where all the news will be good news.