The Man Christ Jesus - Bruce Ware

You don’t realise how important some things are until they’re not there.

WiFi. Ketchup. The bass in that new Sam Smith song. 

What’s essential to Jesus being Jesus? His miracles? His teaching? His death?

You probably wouldn’t have said his humanity. Nor would I before reading this book. 

Of course he was a man

When I heard about Bruce Ware's 'The Man Christ Jesus', I didn't get it.

People deny that Jesus was God. Everyone knows he was a man.

So the book’s for everyone. Because Jesus’ humanity may be the most important thing that you’ve never thought about – the WiFi or ketchup of the gospel.

Christ's work

Ware explains that if Christ didn’t come to earth as a human, he wouldn't have lived a human life, died a human death, nor been raised with a human body.

In short, he wouldn’t have borne the penalty for human sin. The sin of real men and women. Like you and me. 

His humanity is essential to who he is and what’s he’s done to save us.

Our work

But it’s also essential for what he’s called us to. The Bible commands Jesus' followers to follow him. To live as he did.

It also says Jesus was without sin. So how can sinners do that? Well, if Christ wasn’t a man, reliant on the same Spirit that's in us, we couldn’t.

And that’s why you should read this book - to help you love Jesus more so you can follow him better. 

Type: Theology | Difficulty: Challenging