The misery of forgetting sin

My phone says I live in Dudley. I get adverts on Google telling me where to eat, shop and get my car serviced locally.

I actually live fifteen miles away. So I won't be enjoying any of Dudley’s benefits.

It’s a similar story with sin – our willful rejection of God and his will for our lives. If we’re miles away from what God says about our sin, we won't be able to enjoy living as he intends.

We’ll be miles from enjoying his benefits (Psalm 103:2).

But if we take him at his word about our sin, how will our day be different?

We’ll love the gospel more

Forget our sin and the good news of salvation will seem irrelevant. Saved from what?

Only Christians who know the depths of their sin truly know the depths of God’s love for them (Romans 5:8).

We’ll depend more

Forget our sin and we’ll think our achievements are something to do with us. Instead, God uses us in spite of our sin. And this is due to his sheer kindness.

We’ll get over mistakes

Forget our sin and mistakes become unbearable. The self-righteous rest in their own spiritual accomplishments.

Christians, who need Christ’s righteousness, are self-professed sinners. We’re mistake-makers but our mess and sin has already been dealt with.

We’ll change

Forget our sin and we'll invest in this world, vainly trying to get as much out of life as possible. That’s miserable.

But when we grasp our sin, we'll be like desperate children with one place to run.

Jesus - who is our eternal joy.

“If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing… remain in my love.” John 15:5,9

Only by hating our sin will we run to and remain in Jesus. And only here will we change.

We will be transformed from the misery of living for ourselves to the joy of living for the glory of Jesus.