I was at The Presidents Club

Men only. And subservient hostesses.

Groping is entertainment. Women’s degradation is their door to a good job.

The story shocks. It’s so perverted, revealing corruption on a vast scale.

What’s to blame?

Responses to The Presidents Club scandal have blamed a corrupt system. It’s easy to see the ‘system’ as a disaster. 

But we know it goes much deeper than that. We know that the corruption lives deep in the human heart. 

We know it’s in us to demean one another, to mistreat one another, to corrupt the system. We all have the shadows of these things in our hearts. 

The Bible, as always, has us down; ’There is no-one righteous, not even one’ (Romans 3:10). 

So whilst I’m horrified, I’m not surprised.

Gouge it out

My own corrupt heart wages war. A lingering look or being part of a ‘lads culture’ might not be considered violation in the same way. 

But it’s the shadow. And shadows are dark. So in some sense, I was at The Presidents Club.

Jesus’ warning to us seems  extreme. But perhaps today’s the day when we’ll hear it loud and true.

‘If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out and throw it away.’ (Matthew 5:29) 

Shine light on the shadow. Because one day God will (Luke 8:17). The darkness is in us too. It could just as easily be us with our hands up a skirt whilst bidding on a Bentley.

Brothers, let’s gouge out the sin that wages war and be salt and light in a corrupt world of ‘men-only’, violation and power plays.