Three opportunities a new job brings

On Friday, I was offered a new job.

Given how much time we spend at work, a new job feels like a new phase. As I work my notice period, it’s exciting to think about what might be on the horizon.

A job change also provides opportunities to glorify God. Here are just three to think through before you make the move.

#1 A Relationships Opportunity

No doubt you’ve built up relationships in your current job. How will you leave these people?

Do you have any ongoing gospel conversations which you could finish well? Any relational issues? Reconciling these will say something about your reconciliation with God (2 Corinthians 5:18).

A new job gives you a fresh start with more people who need Jesus. How will they find out you’re a Christian? What will you be praying for now?

Relationships are messy. And answers aren’t always easy. But ask God the questions and act with courage and wisdom.

#2 A Money Opportunity

Perhaps this is your first job out of school or university. Or maybe it’s a promotion. Getting a new job will sometimes mean getting more cash.

According to Jesus, you can tell a lot about a person by how they invest their money (Matthew 6:21). Will your financial support of your church change? Who is in need? What might godly saving mean?

There’s no single wise use of money. But think through your options. Are you investing your money in this world or the one to come?

#3 A Personal Opportunity

Christians tend to underestimate the spiritual value in everyday, earthly work (1 Corinthians 10:31).

As part of your spiritual development, God’s at work through new responsibilities, new experiences and new work.

With this new job, pray that God would help you see each challenge as a way to grow into the person he’s called you to be in Christ.