Three Ways to Witness at Work

I know my colleagues need the gospel. I’m the only Christian in my team.

And yet, among my many spiritual faults, evangelism at work is up there.

For some, Jesus rolls off the tongue at work. For me, Jesus is rolling nowhere. He remains firmly locked up in my guilty heart.

But I’ve seen some growth over the years. Even if they’re baby-steps.

So the following three suggestions aren’t for the expert evangelists. They’re for Christians who, like me, don’t know where to begin.

#1 Pray

It sounds obvious.

But it’s not only because God answers prayer. Praying for people also puts them on the spiritual map as I get into the office.

I’m prone to forget that nobody’s spiritually neutral. That we have all rejected God. That we all face his judgment. That we all need Jesus. Even that person in the team who no-one talks to.

Praying for colleagues by name, I’m more likely to be proactive in chatting to them. And far more likely to take an opportunity that comes up.  

#2 Tell

You want to tell people the gospel. But you won’t do that until you’ve first told them you’re a Christian.

Even in the most formal workplaces, colleagues ask how your weekend was. Don’t just tell them you went out for lunch. Tell them you went out for lunch after church.

Sure, they may squirm. But the ball is rolling.

#3 Ask

Most gospel conversations I have come about after asking questions, rather than telling people truth.

Push yourself. Ask something a bit deeper than is usual for your work place. In time, questions about your colleagues’ opinions may seem possible. Perhaps even their beliefs?

It’s when I’ve first asked that colleagues have asked back.

And there’s your chance.