Unleash the Word - Karen Soole

A circle of people sit in silence. The tension in the room is thick.

Everyone’s looking down at their Bibles, not daring to meet anyone else's eyes. Some barely seem to breathe. The question lingers in the air like smoke. And it won’t go away.

Who’s going to crack first?

The Awkward Bible Study

Many of us have been in that room. You sit there, frustrated, wishing you were anywhere else in the world.

Or maybe you once tried being the leader and your confidence melted away. You promised never to lead a Bible study ever again.

Bible studies can be scary things. They’re hard and lead us to an obvious question.

Should we give up?

The easy solution would be to stop going along - to give up on them. But the Bible says it’s worth it.

Let the message of Christ dwell in you richly as you teach and admonish one another with all wisdom.’ Colossians 3:16

This isn’t just for pastors and Bible study leaders. He’s talking to the church – to all Christians. We’re all meant to teach the message of Christ to each other.

Tool kit

That might seem scary. What would you say? How could you do that?

In her book Unleash the Word, Karen Soole helps us out with one way of doing this: reading the Bible with others. She shows us how to be good leaders in a Bible study, but also how to simply read the Bible well with a friend.

She breaks down the preparation process and gives wise advice to avoid those awkward studies, moving us away from guess-what’s-in-my-head questions and toward questions that encourage discussion.

So it’s okay not to know all the answers.

Yes, Bible studies are hard, but God says they’re worth it. Maybe this book will even give you the confidence to try leading one yourself?

Genre: Growth  |  Difficulty: Easy