Unstuck – Tim Lane


Psychology and Christianity haven’t always been best friends.

In the age of pop-psyche-self-help, Christians have been wary of do-it-yourself strategies to change our broken lives.

Its fruit looks attractive, but it goes off pretty quickly – the change doesn’t last. 

But there’s often a lot of truth in these psychological strategies. The gospel root might be missing, but the fruit isn’t always mouldy.

Enter the relatively new field of Biblical Counselling – rooted in Scripture, positive but discerning about modern psychology and committed to bringing Jesus-shaped change.

Tim Lane is one of those leading the way.

The Wrong Path

Unstuck: A nine-step journey to change that lasts is his new book which helps Christians who find themselves fighting the same old sins.

We all know that feeling. I’ve done it again. I reacted in that way. I spoke to her like I said I wouldn’t. I’m still awake drowning myself in YouTube, or alcohol, or Netflix, or pornography.

We feel, well, stuck. And doubting whether change is even possible.

Showing how helpful counselling techniques are rooted in the Bible’s own view of change, Tim proposes nine steps towards gospel fruit that won’t go mouldy.

He and God have the same aim – heart-change that leads to a changed life.

The Right Weapon

Tim shows how to understand ourselves, to spot the Spirit’s work in our lives, to gauge our pressure points and to claim Christ’s finished work by challenging sin and growing in grace.

It’s practical. Real-life stories are the engine of the book. And as an experienced counsellor, his many examples will convince you that your particular struggles aren’t so particular.

Christians the world over are in the fight with you. But fighting is no good without the right weapons.

This book will encourage you to take up ‘the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God’ (Ephesians 6:17) to see change that lasts.

 Genre: Christian Living | Difficulty: Easy