What can they say to you?

Peter and John lay awake on the hard prison floor.

The last few days had been a blur. The fire and wind (Acts 2:1-3). The different languages (Acts 2:4). The healing of a man who had been lame from birth (Acts 3:6-9).

The message of Jesus was getting out.

But then the Jewish leaders had turned up (Acts 4:1-3).

And this.

Heart stopping

In the morning, the prison guard came for them. Grabbing Peter and John by the chains between their wrists, the guard marched them out of their cell and off to the court.

It was already busy when they arrived. The rulers. The elders. The teachers of the law. Everyone was there - even the guy they'd healed.    

But then their hearts stopped.

Sat in the judge's chair was Annas, the High Priest.

The same High Priest who Jesus had been taken to when Judas betrayed him. The same one who had sent him to the Roman governor to be executed.

And if that's what he had done to their leader, what was he about to do to them?

Pin dropping

The questions started.

By what power or what name did you heal this man? Acts 4:7

Peter took a deep breath and said it.

It is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead, that this man stands before you healed. Acts 4:10

You could've heard a pin drop.

They knew they’d killed Jesus. They’d heard what Peter said. They could see the man now standing in front of them. There was nothing they could say (Acts 4:14).

The most educated men in all of Jerusalem had nothing to say. And here's the point.

If the same Spirit that was in Peter is also in you, what can they say to you?