What is beautiful?

What is beautiful?

We all want to gaze at beauty.

When we see something beautiful, it changes us. Something rises in our hearts which calls for a response – praise (Mark 6:2), poetry (Genesis 2:23) or worship (Revelation 22:8-9).

Our culture believes beauty belongs to the young. And even as Christians, the refrain of our hearts can be similar to the world around us:

Highlights and contours,
Muscles and lush hair,
If you don’t have these, no one cares

So we reduce beauty to a set of age-defying creams and surface-level glam. But Christians are called to more than this kind of beauty.

A Better Beauty

As the slopes of a mountain meet, our beauty should be a coming together of the truth and the goodness of Jesus’ character.

The world around us wants physical beauty without truth, running away from the reality of death. But we grow in the beauty of his character when we hold to the truth.

Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life. Philippians 2:15-16

Obeying Jesus’ commands, living and loving like him, makes us beautiful. Because becoming like him means being remade into the image of a beautiful God (Colossians 1:15).

An Unfading beauty

Isaiah says that Jesus wasn’t beautiful to look at (Isaiah 52:2). But this is why he’s so beautiful. We see his beauty in his life’s outpouring of service. We see it most clearly in his death on the cross.

Is this sacrificial service the beauty you aim for when stepping out of your house? When you’re bombarded by the noise of adverts telling you you’re too saggy or your bum’s too small?

In all the noise, let’s quieten our hearts before our Maker who made us to reflect his beauty. Let’s pursue that unfading beauty of a serene and gentle spirit which is of great value to God (1 Peter 3:4).