What is faith?


Picture the scene. In a room, you have two people and a chair.

The first person is always laid-back. The second is anxious. In turn, they’re told that it’s safe to sit on the chair – it will hold their weight.

What do they do?


Neither of them can see the tightness of the bolts holding the chair together. They can’t see how hard the seat is.

Having sat on similar chairs, person number one calmly sits down. But person number two is worried the chair may break.

Hesitantly, however, they sit down, trusting that the bolts are secure. Which one of them has faith that the chair will hold them?

Both of them did.


The way faith is often talked about, you might say that person number one had ‘more faith’ than number two.

But the faith in Jesus that saves us isn’t something you can measure. It’s a trust that someone will hold us up (Romans 3:25).

Despite not seeing the tightness of the bolts, both person one and two trusted it enough to sit down.

A Christian is someone who’s heard about Jesus and what he’s done. Without seeing him with their eyes, they trust that his death is enough to present them faultless before God.

“Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.” Hebrews 11:1


If you’re like person number two, you’ll read ‘confidence’ and say, ‘that’s not me.’ But didn’t person number two also sit down?

The chair didn’t hold the people up because of how much faith they had in it. The chair was sturdy regardless of person number two’s doubt.

Jesus holds up both hesitant and assured believers as perfect before God - not because of how much faith we have, but because of who our faith is in.