What mirror do you use?


When you look in your mirror, who do you wish you’d see?

Do you feel a lump in your throat wishing you were more attractive, taller, thinner or stronger? More like a friend, actor, or colleague?

Do you ever mutter, “I’d be much more wanted if I was more like...”

The Mirror of Others

We don’t just play that game in the mirror.

We compare ourselves to others all the time. We compete. We’re bitter towards those who are beautiful, smart or successful.

And it doesn’t just happen outside of church.

We’re envious of those who know their Bibles well and never seem to sin, who bake the best cakes for after the service, effortlessly make dinner, or have a spotless house. If only we were as good as them...

On the flipside we’re smug when we‘re ‘better’ ones: At least I’m not as awkward as her. At least I don’t mess up as much as him.

The Better Mirror

But instead of looking at our own reflection or at others to see who we really are, we should be looking towards God.

The Bible says all Christians are forgiven sinners, so how can we look down on each other? (Romans 5:8)

It says Christians are all God’s adopted children, equal in Christ, so how can we compete? (Galatians 3:26-28)

Your cakes may be inedible, you might never know all the answers in Bible studies, you might not have children, but we’re meant to have different gifts to those around us (1 Corinthians 12:12-27), so how can we compare?

Looking at God in the Bible shows us who we truly are. Ironically, to find our true self we have to look away from our reflections in the mirror of those around us.  

We have to look at God.